As Switzerland is not an EU member country find out about the work and residence permit requirements

Although Switzerland is not a full member of the EU it has signed up to the EU social charter and therefore since 2002 working in Switzerland has become easier for EU nationals.

Upon securing employement in Switzerland your employer will apply for a permit on your behalf and for all EU nationals, including the 10 new member states this is an automatic process.  Workers can now start work immediately although they will have to have applied for the work and residence permit which is still a legal requirement.

The type of permit in Switzerland depends upon the length of your stay or more importantly your intention to stay.  For short term contracts an L permit will be issued.  For longer term contracts a B permit is issued.  Once you have been resident in Switzerland with a valid permit for a period of 5 years you will then be issued with a C permit.

For jobseekers from outside of the EU your employer would have to apply for a permit on your behalf, and you would not be able to start work until the work and residence permit has been issued.  Unfortunately due to the expansion of the EU getting work permits for Non EU personel has become much more difficult and the employer would have to prove that the position has not only be advertised in Switzerland (without success) but also that there are no people available within the EU with the same skills.