There are a lot of good reasons to come and work in Switzerland.


Switzerland is a beautiful country with great diversity in its geography and culture. The main landscapes are the Jura mountains, a limestone range stretching from Lake Geneva to the Rhine, the Plateau stretching from Lake Geneva to Lake Constance and 200 km of the Alps with 48 mountains over 4’000 m.

Most of the 7.7 million inhabitants, including 20% foreigners, live and work on the Plateau. The work force is highly qualified and performs highly skilled work in sectors such as microtechnology, hitech, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, banking and insurance.

There are four official languages and a multitude of dialects in Switzerland: German (63.7%), French (20.4%), Italian (6.5%) and Romansh (0.5%). 8.9% of the population have another mother tongue.

The abbreviation CH stands for Confederation Helvetica. The Swiss confederation is made up of 26 cantons which enjoy quite a lot of political and administrative independence. They decide about their education system and their social services, they each have their own police force and set their own level of taxation.

When coming to live and work in Switzerland you need to take into account the diversity of the country and of its many rules and regulations.  For example:

  • Everybody resident in Switzerland must take out Swiss health insurance.
  • In order to work, you may need a Swiss work permit (i.e. if you are not a citizen of the old EU/EFTA Member States, Cyprus or Malta) and a residence permit.
  • Taxes will have to be paid to the Commune you reside in, the Canton and the Confederation.
  • Everybody living in Switzerland must by law have certain levels of personal insurance.
  • All providers of services in Switzerland must have a valid Swiss labour leasing licence.


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