Once a consultant has been accepted for a contract post, Sigma will ensure that all of the contracts are set up smoothly with the client (in Switzerland or elsewhere) and the individual concerned.

In order to work compliantly on temporary contracts in Switzerland, consultants must be supplied by a company with a Swiss labour leasing license.  This ensures that consultants are protected by Swiss legislation relating to temporary workers and that the supplying company will take care of the many administrative requirements relating to local and foreign temporary workers in Switzerland. 

Sigma has been employing personnel in Switzerland since 1990 and we have cantonal and federal Swiss labour leasing licences. We offer support for every aspect of consultants' contracts, from initial registration to final tax clearance. Upon arrival, we will assist with obtaining all relevant work and residence permits, provide advice on opening local bank accounts and obtaining mandatory health cover, and answer any initial queries that may arise - allowing consultants to concentrate on the job in hand.

Once settled, our consultants benefit from our comprehensive payroll service, including fully compliant local tax and social security management, the application of any applicable tax-free allowances, and the transparent handling of assignment income. As contracts draw to a close, we will assist with any necessary deregistration procedures, with tax clearance if required and with confirmation of pension balances.  We can also advise on any residual tax liability abroad if required.

In choosing Sigma, you are choosing to work with a company that has almost 20 years of local and international experience, providing unrivalled service and affording you the peace of mind which comes with efficient, compliant assignment management.