How should you organise Swiss health cover?

Within Switzerland there is no National Health service as you would find in many other European countries.  It is a fully privatised system.

Therefore, when moving to Switzerland as a foreign worker it is a legal requirement for you and your family to take out Swiss private medical insurance.

There are a large number of companies and policies to choose between but to assist you with that choice we would advise you to look at the website The website is in all of the major Swiss languages plus English.

The standard of medical care in Switzerland is extremely high and in the Annual Consumer Health care index, 2008 Switzerland was ranked in the top ten. Within the system you can choose between taking out the basic cover up to 5 star luxury cover in a private clinic where you can choose your own doctors.  Obviously the higher up the scale you go the more the cost increases.   Other factors which affect the cost are the amount of your excess, your age and the canton that you are living in.

Accident insurance is also a legal requirement in Switzerland however most employees will find that this is taken out as part of their employment and therefore they only need to take it out for family members.